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Reusable Menstrual Pads

Introduction Set includes: 2 light flow, 2 medium flow and 2 heavy flow $30

Singles $6 each

  • A Reusable pads keep disposable products out of landfills, Not only a benefit from a solid waste perspective, there are significant resources consumed from the manufacturing process.

  • Do not contain toxic chemicals, less irritating and can save you money in the long term. My pads don't contain Zorbs or PUL material in an attempt to make them as natural, breathable and comfortable as possible. 

    • Our pads are made from cotton, cotton flannel, fleece and cotton/bamboo or cotton/polyester batting. They can have a lifespan of three years with proper care (sometimes longer and based on a rotation of a minimum of 10 pads).​

    • They have minimal maintenance and can be washed with your regular laundry

  • We use remnant fabrics for most our products so not all sets are the same, they vary from set to set, each set is unique. Fabric remnants are sections of fabric that are left over from runs of fabric at productions facilities, as well as portions of fabric scraps that are left after a project is completed. Often, these fabric pieces are discarded. Using remnants translates saving and reduces what goes into the landfill.

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Medium description.jpg
Heavy description.jpg

Intro Set

Red Set

Intro Set

Blue Set

Intro Set

Pink Set

Intro Set

Purple Set

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